Hello Everyone! Today I have come with a important topic “Computer”. Nowadays Computer Education is very needed. Computers are used in many fields like banking, medicine, finance and education with increased preference. With the growth of artificial intelligence, computers will soon blur lines between man and machine. So, let’s Start—

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What is Computer?

While you may have seen and used a computer but you may still be unable to answer what is computer correctly. There are many ways of defining a computer. The first and most standard definition is that a computer is something which computes or calculates. It is a machine that takes in raw data and performs some calculations on it and gives us the formed output in the desired format. Computer is also a device that stores as well as processes information electronically.

Full form of Computer

  • C- Common
  • O- Operating
  • M- Machine
  • P- Purposely
  • U- Used for
  • T- Technological and
  • E- Educational
  • R- Research

Types of Computer

There are 8 types of computer. They are-

  • Mainframe Computer: – It is high capacity and costly computer. It is largely used by big organizations where many people can use it simultaneously.
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Mainframe Computer
  • Super Computer: – This category of computer is the fastest and also very expensive. A typical supercomputer can solve up to ten trillion individual calculations per second.
Super Computer
  • Workstation Computer: – The computer of this category is a high-end and expensive one. It is exclusively made for complex work purpose.
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Workstation Computer
  • Personal Computer (PC): – It is a low capacity computer developed for single users.
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Personal Computer
  • Apple Macintosh (Mac): – It is a sort of personal computer manufactured by Apple company.
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Apple Macintosh
  • Laptop computer (notebook): – It is a handy computer that can be easily carried anywhere.
Laptop Computer
  • Tablet and Smartphone: -Modern technology has advanced further. It has helped develop computers that are pocket-friendly. Tablets and smartphones are the best examples of such computer.
Image result for tabets and smartphone
Tablet and Smartphone

Benefits and Importance of Computer

The benefits of using a computer are plenty. A computer is a machine that can accomplish so many tasks on a user’s behalf, that it is impossible to do without it nowadays. Anyone knowing the computer basics will know that computers are highly time-saving and useful to have. Listed here are five reasons why you should use a computer.

  • Computers Can Work 24 x 7

Since computers need electricity to run, they are capable of working without tiring. Same work will take more time if done by a person than if performed by a computer. For example, take the preparation of payslips for employees. A person and a computer can do the same work. But a computer will not tire nor make mistakes, which is quite possible for a person to do.

  • Computers Connect a Person to the Internet

Nowadays, the new market place is the internet. Buying, selling, and advertising as well as interacting with friends have shifted online. So, how can you take advantage of this new giant? The only way to access the internet is through a computer. The internet is also a storehouse of information which can be accessed in the blink of an eye.

  • Stores a Vast Amount of Information

Those who know what is computer know that with the rise in technology computers can store information in the order of terabytes. This amount is enough to save around 250 movies. So, imagine the vast information that you can have stored on the computer. Memory nowadays is cheaply available, so pictures, videos, music, and documents can all be stored on the computer at a cheap price.

  • Saves Time

The most critical computer basics are that the device saves time. Doing any computation on the computer saves you the time and the hassle of getting the task done. For example, preparing the monthly budget for a home can be easily accomplished on the computer in a matter of minutes, and the work is carried out not only efficiently but is also done correctly.

  • Computers Can Help You Make Money

If you are setting up a company of your own, you can use computers to connect to the internet and create a broader audience base. Knowing how to work with computers is a skill that is significantly in demand as many businesses have integrated their work in tandem with computers. Programmers and coders are some of the highest paid jobs in the market at present.

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